Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of all members of IAMAS, IAPSO and IACS, we are delighted and honored to host IAMAS-IACS-IAPSO Joint Assembly 2025 in Busan, Republic of Korea.

Busan IAMAS-IACS-IAPSO Joint Assembly 2025 will be held from July 20 to 25, 2025. The 6-day event will attract distinguished colleagues from government, academia and industries from around the globe, who will participate in scientific presentation and discussion, exchanges of information, and international earth science cooperation. Participants at this prestigious global gathering will enjoy an exceptional scientific program with supporting events such as ‘Earth Environment Film Festival’ and ‘Young Scientists Night’.

Busan is the second largest city in Korea known as an ocean tourism city with 7 beautiful beaches. It is also a city of festival, holding festivals and events all year round, including the Busan International Film Festival, one of Asia’s most prestigious film festivals, and Busan International Fireworks Festival. The close proximity to UNESCO World Heritage designated treasures in Gyeongju, along with the beautiful resort of Jeju, which lays just a short flight from Busan, are just some of the unique experiences for international delegates to enjoy.

We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to Busan in 2025.

Sincerely yours,

Byung-Ju Sohn

Local Organizing Committee of BACO-25